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Render de Urban Tower

Why Working With Us!

We boast a wealth of expertise in Florida's construction industry, ensuring your project is in capable hands from start to finish.




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Who We Are

Quantum Design & Build is a fully licensed and insured company founded by Alex and his wife Annie Torres back in xxxx offering their services in the entire state of Florida. This one-stop construction company specializes in interior design and high-end construction, being capable of delivering results with the highest quality standards.


We can build your project no matter what kind it is.

Know Our New Home Building Process 

Let's get in touch

We value face-to-face communication, so we reach out to you in person to know you and understand your needs and vision. Then, we start planning and designing. This stage sets the foundation for the entire construction process

Preparation and Permitting

This includes site clearing, grading, and utility installations, as well as navigating through regulatory processes to secure permits for construction activities. 

Construction and Execution

Skilled contractors and laborers execute the project according to the approved plans and specifications. This phase involves a range of activities, including foundation work, structural construction, MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing)

Completion and Handover

Once the project meets all requirements and client expectations, a formal handover takes place, transferring ownership from the construction team to the client.

grupo de ingenieros

Our Team.

Our construction company is powered by a skilled and passionate team committed to excellence in every project. With expertise in design, engineering, project management, and construction, we collaborate to bring your vision to life with precision and dedication.

Florida, US

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